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Al Qanadeel Launched in 1991 from the Jordanian capital of industry “Az Zarqa” to be one of the pioneering companies in Manufacturing Steel structures and Prefabricated Buildings.

Al Qanadeel then managed to gain a High position within specialized companies ranked by the Ministry of Public Works to be an example of professional work and high efficiency in production to become a strong competitor in this field. 

Al Qanadeel is unique for its competent staff that uses high end technologies, production lines and equipment that was able to reach high levels of accuracy, quality and speed in manufacturing Steel Structures such as Plane Hangers, warehouses, factories, Pedestrian bridges and Towers.

Al Qanadeel is also distinguished by its production of Prefabricated buildings “Caravans” Fixed and mobile ones up the highest international standards to meet the needs of local and global market.

And as per the market’s need of Pre-Engineered Buildings, Al Qanadeel has put itself in the front of Local and Global companies to provide comprehensive engineering solutions using newest software and a team of professional engineers to satisfy the needs of clients. Covering Areas from 500 square meters and to 30000 square meters with Built-up Sections and safe designs.

Al Qanadeel has provided many projects for governmental entities like The Armed Forces, Royal court, Gendarmerie forces, public security and a number of ministries, Jordanian universities and local organizations. And it also provided many projects for United Nations in Zaatari and Azraq refugee Camps. These building were used to serve multiple purposes like accommodation units, schools, universities, hospitals, clinics and offices.

Al Qanadeel is always ambitious to thrive by gaining its client’s confidence and trust while providing opportunities to the local youth and encouraging them to serve and developed their country

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